SECRET NO. 1: All Success is Driven By What You Want!

You Need to THINK Like the Wealthy Think Before You Can Expect To Be Wealthy!

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We Will Give You All You Need to Know So You Get Clarity on What You Want and What Could Be Stopping You From Getting it.

YES, I want the Wealthy Brain Workout

This ultimate guide contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices of brain training, mind development, Purpose and life planning exercises, values and so much more. Think of it as a tool to prepare you to create wealth... with any skillset.

Susan knows exactly how the A-list of our world think about wealth and what they do to get it.

Charlie is 'the naughty boy' of Hollywood but continues to build
his wealth.

Jewel the musician went from homeless to famous by preparing mentally to be successful.

Michael Douglas is an A-list actor and has real estate around the world.

And Here's Why...

You NEED to change the information in your brain if you want to change your life for the better. Lack of self-worth and confidence are people's biggest weaknesses and those who say they are confident are usually the ones that aren't. BUT, the truth is people with a powerful self-worth and confidence are the ones that create wealth easier and with less effort than those who don't. The Wealthy BRAIN Workout is probably one of the best personal development programs because it's No.1 focus is to give you the right start in developing your wealthy brain and success mind-set... and all success starts from the inner self (not the outer work).

Before You Can Create Wealth You Must Have
the RIGHT Brain Power to Create it!

We live in a world where you are responsible for your life and I know you would have heard, and probably many times..."believe it and you can achieve it"... many people work hard trying to build a better future but never quite succeed. I know that after working through the Wealthy BRAIN Workout you'll pick up nuggets of knowledge that will help you change your mind and build your self-worth and confidence. Just think for a moment how much money your one time investment of $67.00 could make you long term.  

The thing is, most people know what they need to do but just don't do it because it all seems too hard (don't be that person that lets excuses run your life). This program will keep your head in the right space so you actually do it... and that my friend really is priceless.  

Here are 3 BIG Reasons WHY You Need
the Wealthy BRAIN Workout

  • Get CLARITY on what you want:
    Get a renewed sense of direction and focus 
  • Be CONFIDENT in your ability to make money:
    Build your self-worth and faith in your future 
  • Have CERTAINTY in achieving it:
    Improve your productivity and effectiveness and EXPECT
    success rather than hoping that it will happen

    Get excited because IMAGINE knowing how to...
  • Turn your weakness into your biggest strength
  • Make REAL money
  • Live life according to your rules
  • Build success, be significant and leave a legacy
  • Have more loving personal relationships
  • Have more productive business relationships
  • Look and feel better
  • Be healthier and happier!
  • Live Your WEALTHY LIFE!

AND, Here is the big one:
HAVE PEACE OF MIND that what you do is predictable and profitable!

It is All POSSIBLE with the Wealthy BRAIN Workout.  

I created the the Wealthy BRAIN Workout for one reason, to make you more successful. I have a feeling that you probably have done some of the work before but I also know that this is going to help you fill the gaps and give you more immediate results. Create your vision, reconnect with your values, know your purpose and develop a simple plan that will turn your unworthy brain into a wealthy brain and change your life forever.

"Tom, saw his true self worth and stood up for himself..."

Like most people, I knew what I wanted out of life but always faced obstacles in getting there because of the story I kept telling myself. Was I worthy of success? Did I have what it took to get it?...and on and on it went. Once I had an understanding of who I was and what fulfilled and satisfied me, It was time to ask myself some questions. Where do I tend to consistently let myself down? Susan and her Wealthy Brain Workout helped me break through and understand my limited beliefs, I increased my income almost immediately by $3,000 per month then I left a very negative environment and now I feel empowered about achieving what I want. Thank you Susan you have really made an impact in my life and I know that like me, many lives will be touched and changed because of your work.
-Tom Moraitis - Gold Coast

(One Off Payment)

  WOW, only $67.00
We Will Give You All You Need to Know So You Get Clarity on What You Want and What Could Be Stopping You From Getting it.

Here's What You Get

An E-BOOK that simply explains why you need to focus on brain training and the 7 CHANGES you need to do in order to live your wealthy life. .

An AUDIO of the E-book so
you can listen on the go.

This gives you a plan and process that will measure your progress that you can work through at your own pace and time.

LISTEN to a 3-10 minute audio every morning and keep yourself inspired, motivated and getting better RESULTS.

Be a LIFETIME member of the closed Facebook Coaching Group!
Have access to a coach in the group to ask questions, solve problems, share successes and be part of a like-minded community as focused on your success as their own.

Regular videos, emails, webinars and events that will keep you focussed, excited, updated and surrounded with like-minded people.
(This is such an important key to your success. Be aware of who you listen to, who you put yourself in front of and the energy you surround yourself with)  

We are on this journey with you... every step of the way!

"Kellie, took her dream out of the drawer..."

They say nothing is ever a coincidence and I can certainly vouch for that! After losing my spirit to write once motherhood changed my focus, crossing paths with Susan Sheehan was definitely fate intervening. Over time Susan Sheehan re-trained my brain to fight for what I’m passionate about. I am Kellie Bennett, a 40 year old self-published author who after decades of studying, dating, researching and observing actions of the opposite sex, composed a dating book titled; YOUR BOYFRIEND BIBLE. Motherhood put a halt on pursuing my other plans and dreams I had for my book and branding my business. All my hard work laid dormant for quite some time, then out of the blue Susan appeared practically at my doorstep, and now we are raring to go with new ideas! Susan Sheehan is not only a powerhouse on brain training. She is also a wise, warm and friendly soul who cares a lot about her clients and bringing out the best in them. By using the strategies in the Wealthy BRAIN Workout, anything is possible. Kellie Bennett - Author 

(One Off Payment)

  WOW, only $67.00
We Will Give You All You Need to Know So You Get Clarity on What You Want and What Could Be Stopping You From Getting it.

And, check out what these celebrities have to say.
The thing is, you can do it too!

 Susan with Jessica Simpson... from Jessica "I am here to embrace my dream and live it 100%. EVOLVE YOURSELF!"

Susan with Dr Phil... from Dr Phil, " If you have a damaged personal truth then you need to heal it" Decide YOU DESERVE IT!  

Susan with Mel Gibson... from Mel, "TRUST YOURSELF, I made $780,000,000.00 in one move because I trusted myself!"

One Last Question:
What Is Your Core Desire?

"The WEALTHY BRAIN WORKOUT will help you reconnect with your dream, heal your personal truth, have you believing you deserve success and trusting yourself. You have my personal guarantee that if you work through the program and you want to be the best you can be living your best life, then this program has everything you need to make it happen"

(One Off Payment)

  WOW, only $67.00
We Will Give You All You Need to Know So You Get Clarity on What You Want and What Could Be Stopping You From Getting it.


Susan is an international speaker, presenter, trainer, wellness and business coach. She is a BRAIN TRAINING authority, branding, and personal development expert and epitomises the entrepreneurial mind. She is a best selling published author, had businesses in the US and Australia, interviewed celebrities and has spent time with the A-List of the world.

She is passionate about inspiring you to find your passion and your followers... to live
your best life and whether it be 1-1, in a group, from the stage or this digital program you will feel important, valued and you will get to the heart of the problem so you can live a healthy, rich life.